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What Can Happen in a Second?

14 Jun

What can happen in a second?

a blink of an eye
a sneeze from your nose
a snap of your fingers
a tap of some toes
a click of your tongue
a jump in the air
a lightning strike here
a thunder clap there
a stomp of your feet
a very loud yell
a fall down a step
a ring of a bell
a bite of an egg
a button gets pushed
a wave at a friend
a bug can get mushed
a wrinkled forehead
a glass of milk spilled
a smile at a baby
a letter gets sealed
a page will get turned
a car horn will beep
a kitty cat yawns
a man falls asleep
a fat cow will moo
a kid snaps a twig
a rocking chair squeaks
a gal dons a wig
a fly buzzes by
a raindrop will fall
what can happen in a second
anything at all

Like YOU Never Put An Ear To The Wall.

21 Oct

I think I’ve been spending too much time in the bathroom lately. Next to the living room, it’s my favorite room. If I’m not doing something to my hair (that I can’t seem to control), I’m helping someone with a bath, giving someone allergy meds, scrubbing the toilet, or arranging products by color (it’s a sickness). I really need to cut down on the visits to that room. My bathroom and bedroom share a wall with the neighbor. The only part of the apartment that shares a wall with anyone else. I find myself in the bathroom with my ear pressed against the wall. Listening. Now, it’s not some freaky, weird, voyeur thing. But more like, I’m trying to determine if I can hear them…because that means that they can probably hear me. KWIM? I really don’t want them hearing me, although I don’t mind hearing them…as long as it isn’t something weird. Please.


In other non-stalker news, my oldest daughter and I are writing a book. No, not a story. A book. A real life book. One that we plan to publish, and I must say, so far it’s pretty good. I won’t go into any details. Nor will I say when it will be done, but it’s flowing pretty well. I am delighted with her writing skills AND it’s odd to realize our writing style is very similar. Maybe because I’ve been her teacher most of her life? Probably.

Today I got a vacuum (I can never spell that word right the first time — thank you Firefox spell check). My mom sent us a Dirt Devil hand vac. I am NOT ashamed to admit that we haven’t vacuumed since moving here. Not at all ashamed! Well….not too much. Anyway, we had all wood floors before, and the only vacuum we ever had was broken almost 2 yrs ago. Anyway, it’s one of those powerful hand vacs and YES we use it for the whole floor. I actually hate regular sized vacuums and I think they do a horrible job getting into corners, etc. With the hand vac, I’m right down there on the floor. I get everything! I use it on the couch, under the couch, in closets, everywhere. It has all these little attachments and if I EVER cleaned out my car I’d use it there as well. I am very glad for this thing. She ordered it from Amazon on Sat, and it got here today — after I sat here ALL day waiting on it and it didn’t arrive until 6PM. *shakes fist*

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