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My Heart Burns for You.

17 Jan

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I don’t sleep. At least not lately.

Yesterday, I felt tired early. This was good! The kids were knocked out, I was studying and falling asleep. I set my book aside and laid it down hoping to drift off fast and for long.

Didn’t happen.

I kept watching the clock. Tossing and turning. I was fidgety.

And then I felt this burning sensation in the pit of my stomach. It crept up. And sat. Sat right there. Right in the center of my rib cage. HEARTBURN!! I don’t even get heartburn!! But I did last night. And it was relentless. It wouldn’t stop. It wouldn’t go away.

I googled remedies, but I wasn’t about to drink vinegar or eat a spoonful of baking soda. So I planned to wait it out.

Any other time I’ve had heartburn, it lasted maybe an hour. I figured it’d be gone soon.


I still have it.

I fell asleep around 6:00am, watching TV One. Me and the late night shows are best buds now. I had to be up by 8. So here I am…up. And so very tired.

Yea. I’m Still On My Sleep Issues.

15 Jan

So, if you’ve been keeping up, you know I have serious sleep issues. I’ve been a bad sleeper all my life though. It’s not often that I can sleep through the night. For some reason, I can sleep through the day better. I read about a study that said people that work the night shift, or stay up all night are more prone to cancer. Shit. Everything gives you cancer now though.

Anyway, last night I was real tired around 9:30. Figured I’d hit the sack and see if I could make it through the night. Around midnight I hear one of the girls making a bathroom trip. (I sleep light when I’m the only adult in the house) That woke me up, but I was back sleep in just a few minutes. Then, at 3:00 I hear Raphael digging on the side of the bed. Trying to find a toy he dropped. UGH! I spent the next 40 minutes trying to get back to sleep (I have to get up at 6). You see how well that worked, since I’m here blogging at almost 4am.

I’m still going to wake up at my usual time. And no naps during the day. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be tired again and I can try it all over.

Writing Bites.

31 Jan

I’ve been busier than usual this week. *sigh* Right now I have a headache because my daughter thinks to be heard she needs to talk at the top of her lungs. I can’t figure out why she talks so loud…all the time. She never uses a low/quiet voice.

Anyway, I have a English assignment that I need to complete by Monday and I’m about half way through it. I hate English and writing and being creative…but I must do it. It’s like pulling teeth to get each sentence out. In one of my reading assignments the author was saying students shouldn’t study in bed because the bed makes you sleepy/drowsy and you’ll get less accomplished. HA! I just purchased a Compaq Presario laptop just for that reason! So I can do my work lounging on the couch or in bed. I always study in bed. I like to watch tv in bed too. Oh well. I don’t associate my bed with sleeping and that’s probably why I have a hard time going to sleep at night. My room is like the living room. *lol*

The girls were supposed to start a creative dance class today, but I found out at the last possible minute (thanks to the wonderful dance school) that they need tap shoes as well as ballet shoes. They were a little disappointed that they’ll have to start next week.

PS: If you didn’t know ODB has moved and is now located at http://www.dizzam.com. No need to register again, the url has just changed.

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