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Sibling Bickering – The Boy & The Girl.

31 Dec

My son got a gift this summer that he wasn’t particularly fond of.

“I don’t want it,” he said.

Of course I corrected the attitude, but I couldn’t make him play with it or use it. It remained unused until one day his sister asked him if she could have it. He happily gave it to her and bid good riddance to “that toy.”

Today, “that toy” resurfaced and I’ve been in hell ever since.

Raphael wants his toy back.

Shaelyn says, no way.

Raphael would like to play with it now.

Shaelyn says, not happening.

Of course Raphie runs to me to get a final verdict. I tell him that if he has given the toy to his sister, it is now hers and he has no say over it. The only thing he can do is ask her nicely if he can have it back.

He did.

She declined.

OH. MAH. GAH. That scenario has played over and over all day.

Now, Shaelyn likely couldn’t give a rat’s butt bone about the toy, but she’s starting to purposely torment him, by playing with it loudly in another room.

He scoffs.

She grins.

Here was the conversation I just witnessed:


Shae: Well, you know you aren’t going to get it back.

Raph: It was mine first.

Shae: You gave it to me. It’s mine. And I’m keeping it. I’m just letting you know that.

Raph: Well, you aren’t really cooperating with my lesson.

Shae: Lesson?

Raph: The lesson that Mommy taught me.

Shae: What is it?

Raph: She told me to appreciate my gifts.

Shae: Yeah? And?

Raph: I would like you to give me back my gift so I can A-PPRE-CIATE it now.

Shae: Never.

Raph: That’s horrible.


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