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26 May

It’s really sad that I haven’t blogged since I was 20-something weeks pregnant. I mean, I spent the end of my pregnancy doing nothing. I could have shared my nothingness with you.

It was pretty much more of the same. Pain, illness, uncomfortableness. I actually made it to 38 weeks. And then, on March 22, my beautiful Nadia decided to show her face. I still haven’t typed up my birth story…but I suspect I should do it soon before I forget the details.


12 Dec

I wasn’t going to blog today, but said what the heck.

There’s really nothing new going on. I am still taking a beating from the inside. Officially 24 weeks.

Symptoms this week:

  • Pelvic pain. Hip pain. Shoulder pain (at night).
  • Gross mouth taste — after brushing even.
  • LOTS of movement from the babe. My whole belly is moving with her movements and hiccups.
  • Finding it hard to get comfortable at night.
  • Penguin walk.
  • Hungry. All the time.
  • More floaties in my eyes. Seriously keep thinking I see a fruit fly. Nope. My vision has gotten worse in general. Hope it’s temporary.

I’m trying not to complain and enjoy the pregnancy. I know once she’s here I will miss carrying her. Remind me that in the third trimester when I’m whining about not being able to move or breathe.

Oh, but dear God me. Why did I read this the other day and TOTALLY freak:

I think I’m over it now, but I really freaked out for like an hour.

In other news, I lost my wedding ring. Back in October. I’m SICK over it. Amazingly he isn’t mad at all, but I am so upset. I was at my mother’s in early October, took it off with my grandmother’s wedding ring because they were feeling snug (finger swelling). Shoved them into my bag. Went to look for them to put back on a few days later. Grandmother’s ring was there but my wedding ring wasn’t! My mother has looked all over her house and can’t seem to find it. SICK, SICK, SICK! Really can’t afford to replace it right now, and going without any ring makes me feel awful. So, I am getting a titanium replacement. No diamonds, but it has our initials and wedding date engraved in it. Actually, we probably could have done the cheap rings in the first place. $40 vs $600. Then I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about losing it. *cries* I still hope to find it, then I’ll just wear the titanium ring on another finger, but if not….*cries, cries*

Here’s Where I’m At.

5 Dec

So, I realize I posted about the baby, without really posting an “update”. It has been a while since I updated.

Here’s a quickie:

  • Still getting rather sick, but better.
  • Ultrasound confirmed baby girl.
  • Started cloth diaper stash.
  • Ready for this kid to get here, but know I still have tons to do.
  • Severe pelvic bone pain. Can barely walk. =(
  • Getting beat up from the inside.
  • Next appt Dec 20. Glucose test. Yum.

Is that enough?

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