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You Mean They Didn’t Cut Off The Lights?

23 May

Apparently I have a blog.

I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I know it’s here. But some times I just can’t gather up the energy to type about my day. Not much goes on anyway. I mean, the last post (way back in January) could have very well been yesterday, since things are pretty much the same. I don’t USUALLY stay up too late any more. Yes…I know it’s late now. USUALLY I said. Today…just happens to be one of those days.

So, now that I’ve warmed up the ol’ hands, maybe I’ll try to stop in here a few times a week to post a little something. I kinda miss it.

My Heart Burns for You.

17 Jan

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that I don’t sleep. At least not lately.

Yesterday, I felt tired early. This was good! The kids were knocked out, I was studying and falling asleep. I set my book aside and laid it down hoping to drift off fast and for long.

Didn’t happen.

I kept watching the clock. Tossing and turning. I was fidgety.

And then I felt this burning sensation in the pit of my stomach. It crept up. And sat. Sat right there. Right in the center of my rib cage. HEARTBURN!! I don’t even get heartburn!! But I did last night. And it was relentless. It wouldn’t stop. It wouldn’t go away.

I googled remedies, but I wasn’t about to drink vinegar or eat a spoonful of baking soda. So I planned to wait it out.

Any other time I’ve had heartburn, it lasted maybe an hour. I figured it’d be gone soon.


I still have it.

I fell asleep around 6:00am, watching TV One. Me and the late night shows are best buds now. I had to be up by 8. So here I am…up. And so very tired.

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