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Yea. I’m Still On My Sleep Issues.

15 Jan

So, if you’ve been keeping up, you know I have serious sleep issues. I’ve been a bad sleeper all my life though. It’s not often that I can sleep through the night. For some reason, I can sleep through the day better. I read about a study that said people that work the night shift, or stay up all night are more prone to cancer. Shit. Everything gives you cancer now though.

Anyway, last night I was real tired around 9:30. Figured I’d hit the sack and see if I could make it through the night. Around midnight I hear one of the girls making a bathroom trip. (I sleep light when I’m the only adult in the house) That woke me up, but I was back sleep in just a few minutes. Then, at 3:00 I hear Raphael digging on the side of the bed. Trying to find a toy he dropped. UGH! I spent the next 40 minutes trying to get back to sleep (I have to get up at 6). You see how well that worked, since I’m here blogging at almost 4am.

I’m still going to wake up at my usual time. And no naps during the day. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be tired again and I can try it all over.

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