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Gross Talk Ahead.

30 Dec

It’s looking better already. My injury I mean.

Last night, instead of Peroxide, I washed the cut with a mild soap and water. It really doesn’t hurt (unless kicked by a child who’s sitting in the grocery cart), so I took the palm of my hand and used it to scrub the area. Then I dried it thoroughly, put on a thin layer of Neosporin and placed a folded strip of gauze over it. Secured with medical tape. Me and the bandages were NOT getting along. So, this morning I dreaded looking at it b/c I just had a feeling it was going to look worse and I was going to be spending New Years Eve in urgent care. The gauze was stuck to it, but when I lifted, I saw why. It had drained a good deal! It’s no longer puffy around the cut and it not nearly as red. It was bright red around it yesterday. Today it’s closer to my skin color (with a hint of pink). It looks so much better! And the rash I had around it from the bandages I was using is nearly gone. I’m super duper happy about that. It still itches a bit…but I can deal.

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