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I Won’t Let This One Pass Me By.

2 Oct

Do you realize it’s OCTOBER. OC-TO-BER. Where the heck did September go? I usually have one or two God-awful things happen in September, but this one flew past and I can’t even remember it. It reminds me of July 1996-Nov 1996. Woosh! Went by in a blur. Have no idea what I was doing in those months. But that time, it was due to the whirlwind life of a party girl. Yea. We’ll discuss that one some other time.

But anyway, it’s October and I plan to actually DO something this month. Things that excite ME. Things that I will remember once Nov 2007 rolls around. I made a list. (Yes another list. Shut up.)

  • Knit (and complete) 3-4 Christmas gifts. (Yes, that excites me. Hush you.)
  • Make sure my financial aid comes through before classes start in Jan. (Okay…this should really be on my to-do list, but it’s important, so I’m putting it on every damn list I make. Even the grocery list.)
  • Take the kids to pick apples AND pumpkins. Also, a hayride is in order. (this will be a blast!)
  • Decorate for Halloween. (Pumpkins, scarecrows and hay! Oh my!)
  • Make yummy cookies!
  • Lose 3 inches on my waist. (Yes, I realize I’m tiny, BUT my waist…oh man. I won’t tell you how many inches she is these days. =( And until hour glass goes out off style and “box-like” becomes sexy, I’m LOSING AT LEAST 3 INCHES DAMNIT!)
  • Spend at least ONE Saturday with someone that doesn’t call me Mommy, and doesn’t ask me to wipe their butt. (That last parts optional.)
  • Finish watching Season 1 of The Wire. (Again. A refresher is needed)
  • Nookie. (Can I say nookie on the Internets? Make nookie? Get nookie? Have nookie? I dunno. This one is optional and likely one of those urban legend things.)

I will report back in a week to let you know if I’ve completed anything.

And You Better Not.

3 Sep

I am finding it hard to get things done lately. I am really slackin’ with keeping up with my TO DO List. This list. It is long. It grows too. =(

So, I’ve decided to make a list of things that I should NOT DO. My NOT TO DO List. Things that keep me from my TO DO List.

  • Do not wake up 15 minutes before work starts.
  • Do not sign in to any of my favorite daily sites (ie, odb, myspace, woot, cnn, amazon, etc…).
  • (mof) Do not use computer unless it’s related to recording completed homeschool assignments.
  • Do not obsessively check bank acct and paypal acct.
  • Do not check e-mail.
  • Do not sign into yahoo messenger.
  • Do not re-do hairstyle 3 times.
  • Do not blog (*snort* yea, cause I do that often).

Will I do my NOT TO DO List? Sure, it’s at the bottom of my TO DO List. =)

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