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The Raven – Edgar A. Poe

24 Apr

We are studying The Raven in literature, so I thought I’d share a few resources.

The Raven study guide

Edgar A. Poe biography

Edgar A. Poe – The Mystery biography video

The Raven animation

Edgar Allan Poe Society

Tiny Toons version of The Raven

The Simpsons version of The Raven

Funny review of milk. Yes…milk.

Trippy tribute video.

The Raven. (song by The Raven)




Wherefore Art Thou Internets?

15 May

When your Internet is out, you feel so lost. So alone. That was me. What did we do before Internet really? How did I get information? Newspaper? Library? Phone book? Absurd. Not only my Internet, but my phone too?

Now that I am back up and running, I started my oldest on her lessons for today. We school year round, T-F. Year round doesn’t mean NO breaks. We actually take a ton of breaks. Days here, a week there, and a couple weeks in summer and around Christmas. Anyway, she was starting one of her lessons and needed to login to one of her online classes (that we PAY for), and her access is not enabled. Seriously. This is a fairly new resource for us, so I hope they get it fixed quickly. She’s not too bummed out about it. She’s spending her time wisely playing games on her iPod. =/

The other two kiddos only had one subject today, as they slowly start their next grade levels. All went okay with them.

For Literature with Mom (tonight), we will be reading another chapter from Tales From Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale.


It’s actually now about 4pm, and I haven’t eaten today. This is a real problem for me. I’m about to raid the kitchen to see what I can find. Before a dizzy spell or migraine hit. 

Halloween Game

23 Oct

My kids and I got a kick out of this game:
Spider Game. Enjoy. Tell me what ya think!

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