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Gross Talk Ahead.

30 Dec

It’s looking better already. My injury I mean.

Last night, instead of Peroxide, I washed the cut with a mild soap and water. It really doesn’t hurt (unless kicked by a child who’s sitting in the grocery cart), so I took the palm of my hand and used it to scrub the area. Then I dried it thoroughly, put on a thin layer of Neosporin and placed a folded strip of gauze over it. Secured with medical tape. Me and the bandages were NOT getting along. So, this morning I dreaded looking at it b/c I just had a feeling it was going to look worse and I was going to be spending New Years Eve in urgent care. The gauze was stuck to it, but when I lifted, I saw why. It had drained a good deal! It’s no longer puffy around the cut and it not nearly as red. It was bright red around it yesterday. Today it’s closer to my skin color (with a hint of pink). It looks so much better! And the rash I had around it from the bandages I was using is nearly gone. I’m super duper happy about that. It still itches a bit…but I can deal.

Last Minute Christmas.

25 Dec

Merry Christmas!

My girls woke up at 8 AM. I let them look at what was in their stockings, then they woke their brother to begin the gift opening. Everyone got what they wanted. I told them they were only getting a couple gifts each, so they were pleasantly surprised to see more. We spent much of the day being lazy, then playing High School Musical Sing It and Mario Galaxy on the Wii. They got a total of 10 new games for the Wii!

This year, I tried again to keep up with the mess (check last year’s post), but failed. I have an excuse this time. A real one. I went out to Walgreens last night to grab some milk, cereal and a few stocking stuffers. I was pushing the little cart to my car. The cart hit a small hole in the ground and tilted forward, as if it was going to turn over. The bar near the back wheels came up and my shins rammed into it. I swear I broke my leg. I heard a cracking sound. There was blood. I got home and could barely walk up the stairs. The pain just got worse and worse. I was in so much pain I was shivering. I thought I was going to pass out. The skin was split and my leg was swollen. I figured since it was Christmas Eve, I’d just wait it out. See if it got worse today before seeing a doc. I was so out of it last night that Ray had to make the Christmas cookies and put the movie on for the kids (our Christmas Eve tradition). I did participate when they opened their Christmas Eve jammies though. I took pain meds and passed out on the couch. Later on, I felt much, much better! My leg was still in pain, but the swelling wasn’t as bad and I wasn’t shivering. I managed to play Santa by hopping around (at 4am =/ ). Certain positions hurt my leg, but I can pretty much walk on it. When I showered I almost screamed because the water hitting the wound was a bit painful. But I’m good. I think.

So, I am supposed to have tomorrow off. I take care of one child during the week. (Used to be two, but that’s a long story). I’ve been caring for him for a year and a half. Anyway, I told his mom Friday, if she couldn’t find someone, to let me know b/c I might be able to take him on Wed. Well, she sends me a text. Tonight. At almost 10pm. Why? When I didn’t hear from her, I figured she found someone. I’m supposed to be out with my mom tomorrow…so um. I’m not sure what this kid’s mom is going to do with him. I feel bad, but then again…she should have given me more notice than THAT.

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