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Those that are broken, always say they are fine, because they know everyone will believe it.

20 Oct

This month is not going as smoothly as Octobers usually do, my dear INTERNETS.

October-January are usually my best months of the year. THE. BEST. I love fall. I love the holidays. The house is decorated for the harvest season and Christmas (not at the same time you silly willy INTERNETS).

This year…so far…not so much. I managed to put out a fake pumpkin with a light in it. That’s about it.

The house is usually sparkling and smells like cinnamon and apple and you just feel warm and yummy when you walk in.

Again…this year…not so much.

I really need to clean up and get it together. I’ve been in a serious funk and it’s messing with my holiday happiness and shit. Got damnit.

So, whatever the hell has been kicking my ass for the last two weeks is in for a rude awakening tomorrow. Me and the kids are doing a deep cleaning, lighting some of those yummy candles we love and finally getting to making our mummy for school. Then we are heading to see some family here from out of town. Gonna rake some leaves on Sunday. Fix the yard up a bit, scrub the garage floor (yes…shut up).

The kids and I will probably spend the rest of Sunday knitting and gossiping our type of gossip (not that mean stuff you seem to like dear INTERNETS). Sipping green tea (apple cinnamon for them), making banana bread and hanging out. I feel better just thinking about it.

Things don’t always go the way they should, but I swear if you let that unhappiness take you over, you will drown. I refuse it.

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