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You Missed Me & You KNOW It.

26 Jun

They remembered their lunches!

Why yes. I do know it’s over a week later. I have been *mad* busy. =D

I finished my classes (well, 3 of the 4). And I’d like to say that I passed all of them and even got some A’s! I have an astronomy (why did I type astrology first?) class for the rest of the summer. Seems to be much of a group effort. Which I hate…but…whatever.

So, the reason I haven’t blogged (like I usually blog everyday) is because I was finishing up school and I’ve been totally engrossed in the Jessie Marie Davis case. I think mostly because it’s so close to home, but also because lately, I’ve been reading/hearing so much about men killing their wives/gf’s and kids. I cannot wrap my brain around this. I mean…I tried to think of all the possible reasons I could want to kill a spouse or SO and I cannot come up with one reason.  None. It’s become dangerous to be involved in a relationships these days. You think you know someone…next thing you know….”schlick”….<—that was me doing the knife across the neck thing. lol Anyway, who knows if these people show signs of “crazy” before the snap. Perhaps they showed signs that we don’t even know about. But it’s scary to think that your “love” appears totally normal and then out of the blue…well…you know. I feel so horrible for all those involved, especially little Blake. To think he watched his father murder his mother…my goodness. =(

So, I’ve been reading and posting on a message board about the case. Even neglecting my own forum.

Today the kids acted so crazy (d/c). I’m gonna blame it on the heat b/c it’s so very hot. I had the air conditioner running at 8 am, which is a no-no for me. I never turn it on before noon. lol I’m not cheap. I’m frugal. =)

One of my exes called me today. I was a bit caught off guard and since I had screaming kids in the back I told him I’d call him back when all the kids were gone (d/c – mine never leave) to see what he wanted. I haven’t called him back. I can’t imagine what he wants, but b/c of other calls, I get the feeling he might be trying to “move in” on me. If you get my drift. *wink, wink* I loved his friendship…but um…..NO!

Tonight I plan to eat my dinner (which I haven’t had yet), work-out a little bit (just a little b/c I wasn’t feeling so hot about an hour ago), work on these discovery questions for a lawsuit I’m dealing with =/, read a little of my assignment and hit the HAY!  Such an exciting life I lead!!

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