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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

5 Sep

I made this list for my daughters. I think they get a little overwhelmed when told, “clean the bathroom!” It’s much easier to follow a checklist and tick off things once they are done. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m a list maker. Lists keep me on the right path or else my day ends up a mess.

Anyway, this list combines things for our two bathrooms. The main bathroom has a regular tub with shower curtain. No window. The guest bathroom has a shower with door and a high window. Those are the two main differences.

This is our Sunday routine. The Wednesday routine is a quick 10 minute tidy, while this one takes about an hour.

This probably won’t fit your bathroom, but feel free to use and remove or add to the list.


  • Gather supplies (spray cleaner, glass cleaner, paper towels, 2 cloths, bucket, vacuum or broom)
  • Put away anything out of place (hair brushes, laundry, toys, etc.)
  • Remove all towels for washing (once per week)
  • Empty small trash can
  • Remove items from on top of sink, tub, or toilet (toothbrush holders, shampoo bottles, etc.)
  • Spray the cleanser on sink, cabinets, toilet (on & around), tub, shower door & walls, door & knob, and inside trash.
  • Use paper towel to wipe down sink and cabinets.
  • Use cloth to wipe down bathroom door, knob, light switch and walls (where necessary)
  • Use same cloth to clean the trash can.
  • Use cloth to clean tub (inside & out) and shower (inside & out), including walls.
  • Use paper towel to clean the outside and inside of toilet. Flush to rinse. (do not flush paper towels)
  • Use paper towel and glass cleaner to wipe mirrors and bathroom sink/tub fixtures.
  • Use vacuum hose to suck up dust and hair around the bathroom or use a broom to sweep the floor.
  • Fill bucket with warm water and cleanser.
  • Use the bucket and cloth to quickly scrub the floor. Don’t forget behind the door and toilet.
  • After the floor is dry, replace all items (rugs, toothbrush holders, candles, etc)

What is your bathroom cleaning routine? Is it something quick? How often do you do it?

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