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Not Sure If You Noticed.

23 Jun

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I totally switched up the curriculum that we did last year. Wow. Took me forever to get that updated here. I still haven’t updated for the 5th grader. SMH. That’s the big reason for the Ancient History plans being at a standstill. No worries, they are still going up (although slowly).

We are, of course, working right through the summer. We rarely take a full summer off. A few people asked me about summer school, and although I don’t know of any online summer school programs, you might think of checking out Time4Learning for summer work. My children did very well with the program. I always thought it wasn’t enough, but I’m really amazed at how often I ask, “where did you learn that?” and they answer, “Time4Learning.” Go figure. Anyway, it’s good for brushing up over the summer. Filling in the blanks. Making sure the kids are all caught up and fresh for the new school year.

I’m currently (and sporadically) working on a different site to list all the resources I have. It’s a ton. So, look for that by summer’s end. Summer’s end. We just started and I’m already talking about the end. *sigh*

Let’s take it one day at a time. Today is Sunday and we really have no solid plans. Kids will do their own thing and I’ll probably clean house and work. I’m hoping the weather is a little cooler. We tried to hang outside yesterday, but it was just too hot. I really want to catch up on all my reading. I have a TON of Stephen King books to catch up on. Oh, and Joe Hill. 🙂 But I’m working on staying on top of my priority list, and unfortunately, reading, guitar, and other things I love to do don’t get much attention.

Quick Update.

23 Oct

Just a really quick update. I’ve started adding in what we are reading in HOAW. The readings don’t necessarily line up perfectly with Spielvogel. It’s just our way to slowly get a more in depth understanding of what we are learning in ancient history. It may or may not be helpful to others. LOL

I also apologize for not getting the entire year up. I’m just adding days after we’ve done them. I don’t always get a chance to post them up. This lesson plan will likely be more helpful for upcoming years since I’ll likely have it all up by the time we’ve completed it. Also, if you have a supplement or link to share (even if it only pertains to a particular lesson), please contact me. We are always looking for other ways to reinforce the lessons.

In other news, we are likely going to take Thursday off from school. It’s supposed to be a really nice day, and we don’t get many of those after October. We’ll probably go out to eat and find some nice outdoor activity to do. I probably could count whatever it is towards school. Hmmmm.

Wow. I’ve Been Busy, Busy.

9 Oct

I haven’t done any real updating lately. Seems that life is getting in the way of my blog. (as usual) I have a few updates here:

The Blog
I know I have been posting about a lot of homeschool stuff lately. A lot of the people that read my blog are NOT homeschoolers, so I do apologize for the sudden shift. My daughter is now a high schooler and we are focused. I will be sure to post some non-homeschooling related material as well. I have some updates on Ms. NK coming up. She’s having terrible twos at 18-months. UGH.

We are knee-deep in the homeschool life here. Really. Outside of the day to day schooling, I’ve started a bowling club that meets every Friday (considering changing it to every other Friday), and there was a great turn out. That gives us something to look forward to on Friday afternoons.  Trying to develop some more outings and activities soon.

I have had some requests to add our HOAW readings to the ancient history lesson plans I have here, so I will be adding those soon. I really need to find a better way to list those plans, but no time for that now.

I know readers like to see pictures of what’s going on as well, but oh, it’s such a daunting task. Not taking them…UPLOADING them. I have a ton of pictures on Instagram (redxo), but adding them here makes me grunt. I should still do it…and uh…I will. Someday.

Not much going on here. With work (which I love) and homeschooling and parenting, there’s just not a lot of time for extras. We did manage to go to the drive-in movie the other day. Not such a great experience for me with a toddler (hello mustard on my clothes and steering wheel!), but the kids and my mom enjoyed it. The girls and I have been watching The Walking Dead. I’ve already seen it and yes I’m one of those mothers that skips parts. One of them watches from under a blanket. =/

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