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I’m Moving.

3 Jun

So, I’m moving. I decided to move from onto my own server. I have a server, so it seems crazy not to use it. I’ll have more freedom to do what I want there. Find me at 🙂

There won’t be anymore updates here, and eventually this will disappear. So please bookmark my site.


3 Aug

Seven wonders of the world. Right? Well, even those are debatable.

Here’s wonder number 8.


How does that happen? How do Y’ALL (yes, you’re a different breed), know everything I post on MY Facebook profile?

They have their reasons for not being on Facebook.

“Oh, people on there are too nosey.” Really?

“I don’t want folks knowing my business.” But you’re keeping tabs on me?

“I don’t care about people enough to keep up with them.” Mmmm, right.

I’ve had cases of people printing out my messages or statuses and sharing them. People coming to me about something I’ve said on Facebook just 30 minutes later. Dang.

I think I know who the culprits are. But some of them are family. How do you delete them and not cause an even bigger mess?

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