My TOG Has Arrived.

8 Sep

No longer will I be using Ambleside Online as guidance. No longer will I be putting together my own Unit Studies. My TOG has arrived. =)

It was like Christmas for me! The UPS guy dropped it off at 9 am and I spent a great portion of the day flipping through it. SO much information and I only got ONE unit. That’s 9 weeks. I love the fact that there are only 4 years of topics in TOG. That means we repeat, but the kids do it on a different “level”. More in depth. Harder work.

Tapestry of Grace

I took all the pages and put them in plastic page protectors b/c I’m geeky, but it also allows me to write notes with my SHARPIE ULTRA FINE MARKERS and erase them with a regular ol’ eraser. And my curriculum stays perfecto! The binder I used is kind of worn, but the curriculum wouldn’t fit in the newer binders I bought. And the only 3-incher I had lying around the house was one that has been through years of homeschooling! It serves it’s purpose.

How Thick!

My FAV Markers

The kids are so anxious to start in on it. Well, the girls are. lol

Our first unit is called, Moses’ World. Our first week’s topic is called, Curtain Rises on Egypt: Gift of the Nile. Our project this week will be a salt map. I think it will be an imaginary map and not one of Egypt. I’ll be sure to post images of them working on it and the completed project. The recipe we are going to try (and I can’t wait for this) is Egyptian Chicken. Yum. Ok. Now I need to go eat. =/

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