5 Sep

I’ve been using Amblesideonline for our homeschooling curriculum. Well, mostly. We’ve also been doing some unit studies. A mix of things. A couple weeks ago I discovered Tapestry of Grace. I think this curriculum is going to be better fit for us. I’m teaching 3 different grade levels and this will make that so much easier! Today I ordered Unit 1 of Year 1 (redesigned), with tabs, the Map Aids, evaluations and lapbook CD. It came to about $150. I only bought Unit 1 so that we could “test” it out first. Unit 1 should take us about 9 weeks. The children will still do their Math books and although TOG includes some language arts, they will continue their language work books. Rah will continue work on his phonics and reading. I can’t wait until everything arrives and I can look it over.

Oh, and if anyone is looking to purchase a Wii, please let me know. As badly as we wanted it, we rarely use our Wii. Our family time lately is reading, knitting, movies or board games.

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