You’re Part-Time, Remember?

27 Jul

*update* No idea why they were at my door this AM. But she did call me around 11AM to tell me they wouldn’t be coming today. YAY! She got a new job (which I knew she was trying to get) so tomorrow the babe will be full-time, 9-4pm. I’m excited. Means more money for me. rofl.


Just one kid coming today. At 1. I can get up late. Lollygag a bit. Right? WRONG! My doorbell rang at 9:00am. Since I was barely up, I didn’t even answer. I looked out the window and guess who’s at my door? My DCP! w/baby in tow! I have no idea why, but my policy states that you may not (w/o permission) drop your kid off any earlier than your contracted time. Her contracted time is 1pm-6pm. I really can’t wait to see what her reason was. It better be a heck of a good one.

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