Worms and Wind

17 Feb

We went on a field trip Tuesday. It was to the same nature center we visited last time. This trip was really for SD and SM. Shae went a long just to look out the window at the birds and fuzzy critters. (I have no idea what all those animals were/are). Basically Shae and I sat and waited while the other two had lessons on worm behavior and took a short hiking trip. I visited my first outhouse and will never have the ability to pee in one. Shae either. She said, “I just can’t pee in a hole. I’m going to fall in and disappear FOREVER.” I told her she was being silly, but I had the same fears. Oh well.

On the way to the nature center I let the windows down (it was about 50-something degrees), but realized I had let them down too much. Went to raise them a little and found out they wouldn’t!! We had to drive on the freeway with the left front window down about 3 inches and the right front window down about 4 inches. It wasn’t cold, but my HAIR! It was so lovely before our trip! On the way back the temperature had dropped a bit and it was chilly. I had to turn the heat up full blast. GRRRR. *lol* But see, I called my dad who’s a mechanic auto technician supervisor and he told me to bring the car over after out trip. Ray took it by and it seems I may have some type of short in the connection of something or other. I dunno. But he got the windows up but says it may happen again. I soooo need a new ride.

Here are some photos of Shae playing at the Nature Center:





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