Must Clean My House.

11 Feb

My house is in shambles. No. Really. I’d post photos, but then child welfare would be bamming on my door. *grin* As I said before, we took this week off from school. We go 5 weeks on 1 week off, with 2 weeks winter vacation and 3 weeks summer. And let me tell you, this week we have been L-A-Z-Y! THE BOY has also been morphing into a monster this week, SO his destructive behavior coupled with our laziness results in total chaos!! w00t! Bad part is, we’re having company tomorrow. A mini valentines day sleepover. And now I feel this sudden panic to get everything in order. Plus, we start school on Monday and I’M NOT READY. For some reason I keep making my way back over to this computer desk. Hmmm. If I unplug it, I’m bound to get something done…I think. I’ve had to do that before. Times when I was being a total bum, and really needed to get off my arse.

So, this is what I will be doing for the rest of the day. CLEANING. If you catch me online, shoot me an YIM and tell me to GET OFF RIGHT NOW!! We were supposed to attend a winter beach party (indoors), but the nature center is an hour away and it’s snowing horribly right now. I’m actually glad. *snicker*

Alright already…here I go.

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