Time to Move.

11 Sep

Great googily moogily! Went today and signed the new lease. Found out they’re going to just do the inspection after we move. Got the keys and I’m read-to-go..hehe. We’re actually getting movers so that will be nice. I’m lazy like that. Don’t want to have to carry a darn thing but myself. Heck, I packed it all…someone else can move it.

I’ve now started looking at furniture for Shanon and Qua. They’re going to get bunk beds, which I’m not crazy about, but we need them to save space. The room they’re in isn’t that big, but it will be plenty of room for them with just the one bed in it. I’m painting Shae’s bed and Ra will keep his crib. Their room is a smidge bigger since they have larger toys and will have two beds.

My mother and I are to go to the other place tomorrow to do some cleaning. It seems clean already, but eh…I just want to clean myself. Wipe down the kitchen and the bathroom. Put some liners in the cabinets…that sort of thing.

So, soon I shall be without Internet. I am hoping it won’t be for more than a day or two. If it’s longer than that….man….

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