No. Time.

4 Feb

I so badly want to change the look of this site, but my time is so limited lately.  : ( 

Today I had a delivery of a few things that I ordered last week. Raphael got some new sneakers. Shanon and I got a new wireless router. Well, really it was so that I could get wireless net on my laptop, but she will benefit from it too (Ray as well with his Xbox and Playstation 2). I got that set up in about 20 minutes. I can’t believe it was so easy! I felt like a wiz kid hooking it up.

Right now, my kids are being quiet. Rah is playing in his playpen (against his will of course), Shae is sleepy and quietly lying on the couch…Shanon is on her computer in the living room. I’m going to try to straighten my room and then read some of my Computer Systems lesson. I really need to read 3 chapters tonight…but I don’t really see that happening.

I’ve got pictures to add, but I’ve been really bad with that lately. If you’re a member of ODB, you’ve probably already seen half of them. Maybe I’ll be back later…maybe.

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