It’s the New Year Already??

5 Jan

Wow. I haven’t posted in a while. Not much has been going on though. *lol* I’m pretty much the same ol’ boring person this week that I was 2 weeks ago.

Christmas was great! The kids had a blast (and I did too). Ray loved his gift. My mom and in-laws came by.

New year’s eve Ray and I just sat at home. New Year’s day I went shopping. *ha*

The weather has been crazy. One minute it’s raining, the next it’s snowing. We have freezing cold days and somewhat warm days. Ray says it’s because the end of the world is coming. *looks up* “Look! They have snow in Hawaii! That just ain’t normal.” Whateva. I don’t think like that. If you look back in history, I’m sure you could find another time when weather was a bit screwy.

My lease here is up in February, so I must decide if I want to move, stay here, or get on a month-to-month lease. We were just going to stay here until we bought our house, but after Christmas (and Ray’s 50″ TV purchase) we’re running out of room. I’m thinking we may need to move to a place with more space. Heck, I need a room just for Shanon’s school things. Space is just not something we have. I’m constantly rearranging things trying to fit them in better or free up a little bit more space. I thought about getting the girls some bunk beds, but with Shae being so hyper active and Rah being into climbing, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I also thought about getting a day bed with the pull out that fits underneath, so that they could both have a bed, but we could still have space…but I just can’t see me pulling it out everynight. *sigh* I actually never had a daybed, so I don’t know how hard (or easy) it is to pull it out and set it up. Not only that, but now, my stepdaughter will be spending every other weekend here with us (my idea) and will be moving back with us next year. I really think it’s time to buy a house, but I’m really nervous about that. I know the bills in a house will be much higher. *sigh*

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