Catching Up.

25 Nov

I’ve been really bad about posting, but there hasn’t been anything interesting or exciting going on in my life. Friday night Shanon and Shae spent the night over at my mother’s house. That was like a dream come true. It was just me and Rah until Ray came home. Then Saturday morning, my mother in law went over and got them from my mom. Ray and I just hung out all day eating take out, talking, and watching movies. With only one kid to chase after, things were a bit more sane! Ray picked them up at about 9pm and all hell broke loose as soon as they walked into the door. They were both whiney and .. blah! I wish I could get more time.

Ray was supposed to go today to his custody mediation for his daughter, but when he got there he realized he didn’t have is ID and plus, his ex girlfriend had gone to work and had totally forgot about the appointment. Seems odd to me that he has to even go through that. My step daughter lived with us from 1997 until September of this year. Only reason she is back with her mom is because Ray couldn’t get her into school without custody. Since it was going to take so long, Ray agreed to let her go and live with her mother until custody was granted. I don’t know why it takes so long. *shrug*

Anyway, Thursday is Thanksgiving and I will probably start my little cooking tomorrow. I have to send Ray to the store because I have nothing I need.

Other than that, nothing going on. I have a lot of mail to send out (ODB Christmas CD and Slow Jams CD) that I will hopefully get done this week. I also hope to get some more Christmas decoration this weekend…but we’ll see.

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