20 Nov

Can you believe it! I caught a virus or trojan or something. I don’t even know what I got. I had to reformat my hard drive! Brand new. I’m glad I didn’t have much on here or I would have been a bit angry. I now have to 2 firewalls and an anti-virus program running. When I got the virus or trojan I deleted it, but it said that Norton couldn’t fix it or delete it. My computer was acting crazy. I didn’t have a firewall, so I’m hoping this time, I won’t get anything. Now I feel all nervous about going on the Internet. *sigh*

I’m so happy that ODB is doing so well. We had a lot of new members in the past couple weeks. ODB is a message board that I created back in May 2001. It’s for those interested in urban issues/conversations. The people on there are crazy. Anyway, we started out as Oh Dayum Board, but I lost the domain name, so we voted and switched it to Oh Dizzam Board.

I can’t believe it but I forgot to put today’s date on my web site’s calendar! Today is my dear hubby’s birthday! He is 31 today. Mayun! Do I feel old! Funny how I feel old on his birthday! Happy Birthday Ray. *muah*

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