Christmas Right Around the Corner.

16 Nov

So, I’ve been fooling around with my computer a bit. I absolutely love it. It’s been a lot of work to get all my stuff loaded into it, though. I might not even tranfer everything. Shanon has loved to use my old computer. Her computer has Windows 2000 and she couldn’t run a lot of her games on it. My old one has XP, so she can now play her games. Bad part (at least for her) is that little Shae has now learned how to use the mouse and wants to play. She used to be content just sitting and watching her big sister play the games. Now she wants to do the clicking and the moving. She’s 3.5, which is about the same age that Shanon started to obsess over the computer. I think Rah may be younger. He is already trying to play on it. *sigh* I’m raising a bunch of computer nuts.

Today was a pretty blah day. It was gray outside and we lazed (is that even a word?) around the house. I have to remember tomorrow that we need to call maintenance. The heater (we have steam heat) in our bedroom is leaking water. Hopefully, they’ll consider it an emergency and hurry to fix it.

Ray looked at me crossed-eyed the other day because I’ve put out a few Christmas decorations. Hey, if I had a tree, I’d have it up too. *lol* I just put out our Christmas pillows on the couch. They’re black with little puppies in Christmas stockings. I also put the throw on the couch. It features the same design as the pillows. Got them from Target a couple years back. I also put out this little Christmas watering can, a Christmas door hanger, and a little skiing snowman on the living room table. I didn’t go overboard, yet. But like I said, it’s only because I don’t have all the major stuff yet. We lost a lot of our decorations back when our basement flooded in the summer of 2002. I don’t want to even think of that because it depresses me. I’ll probably go out this week to get some of the decorations. Ray bought some of stuff for the kids that I need to wrap fast because they are snoops.

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