We Made It This Far!

14 Nov

I did finish my little shopping the other day. It was so wonderful because I didn’t have to take the kids with me. Ray gave me money, his car, and watched the kids. I was too happy with that. I did forget some things though. I got the ironing board cover, the carpet cleaner, the vacuum cleaner belt, plus some stuff I didn’t need, like a new game for my Gameboy Advance, the Brown Sugar movie on DVD, and some other junk. Since I was too busy getting things that I shouldn’t have been, I forgot we needed soap.  : (  So, I had to send Ray to get it. *lol* Oh well.

Today is our 5th Anniversary. I’m not sure what we’re doing. I’d like to go out and do something! This may seem lame, but one of the best dates I had with Ray is when we had dinner, went bowling and had some drinks (while bowling). We (I) had so much fun! I would really like to do that again. Us just getting out of the house would actually be something special! *lol* My mom has agreed to watch the kids tonight, so we MUST do something.

I’ll be back later with more. I think I must eat now…feeling weak…can’t stand. *snicker*

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