Whatever You Do…Don’t Fall Asleep.

8 Nov

Well, I posted a whole entire entry about my new Gameboy Advanced SP, and my addiction to it, and deleted it. I’m a bit ticked at that, but life goes on.

Shanon was sitting here and all of a sudden she started screaming that her foot was hurting. So I go to look at it and she’s saying don’t touch it. I try to touch the top, she says no. The bottom, she says no. I said, “Shanon, where does it hurt? “Everywhere!” I told her to let me grab her foot. She didn’t want me to, but I did and I rubbed it a bit. “Ahhh, that’s better.” It seems as if my baby had her first “foot sleeping” incident. *lol* I told her about sitting up on her feet.

I’m going out tomorrow to purchase Finding Nemo. I am more excited than the kids. I’ve wanted to see it since, like, well, since it came out! We actually went to the theater to see it, but we were late. *go figure, I’m late for everything* So we ended up seeing Rugrats go Wild, which was a good movie, but not want I had been waiting for. I’ll post my review tomorrow after I’ve seen it.

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