How Far I’ve Fallen

19 Oct

Yesterday we went out and bought my little cousin Daunte a birthday present. He’s 18 today. My aunt bought him a Playstation 2, so she suggested I purchase him a game for it. I stood staring at the games for what seemed like an eternity. I realized that I have no earthly idea what type of games are in. I paid more attention to the prices. What have I become? There was a time when the more expensive it was, the more I had to purchase it. There was a time when I knew what was the best game on the market. I knew what every kid wanted to play. I am only 27 and I am so out of the loop. Matter of fact, I’m so far out of the loop, that I can’t even see the loop with a pair of extra strength binoculars. That loop is long gone baby! But honestly, I don’t care.

It reminds me of the time when I was 10 and worried that soon I would be too old for toys. I was actually quite depressed because I wouldn’t be able to play with my cabbage patch dolls without someone calling me a baby or teasing me. Wouldn’t you know, age 12 came around, and I didn’t care one bit about those dolls. I worry that I’m getting too old for things, but really, that’s the worst part of it…the worry, because once I hit the “too old” age, I don’t even care.

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