In the House

12 Jul

Well, I’m not going out tonight. 😦 It seems that Ray’s mom got sick and she can’t get SD. She doesn’t go over to her other grandmothers house until tomorrow afternoon. So, maybe we’ll go tomorrow, but we’re definitely not going tonight.

Ahhhhh…there’s another movie I want to see called Signs. I think it comes out August 2nd. It seems kind of scary…why oh why do I want to keep watching scary movies? *shrug*

Someone please help me come up with a nickname for my child. LOL. Ray wants to call him Raphie…but I don’t like that. My family calls him Lil’ Ray, but I don’t like that. We can’t call him Tres (he’s Raphael the 3rd) because we already have a Tres in the family…my nephew. I hate the name Ray-Ray…and that’s what they called Ray growing up. *sigh* I don’t know, but I know I don’t want to call him Raphael…it’s just too much.

Well, I’ve kept a little bit of my weight. I am at 105 lbs and don’t seem to be losing it. Yea! I still have an apetite like I’m pregnant though, so that may have something to do with it. I just knew I was going to go right down to 100 lbs when he was born. I don’t even eat as much as I’d like to because the kids keep me so busy. I’m wondering if it’s okay to exercise yet? I am so ready to get rid of this pouch (my stomach).

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