I’ll Get Less Lazy Someday.

7 Jul

Okay, let me begin by saying, I am such a lazy fuck. The past couple days I have been sitting on my butt. It’s real easy to do when it’s hot and no one wants to do anything but sit in the air. The kids just like to lie in front of the tv sucking up all the cool air…LOL. So what do I do? I sit on my butt flipping between ODB and Kthxbi forums. How freakin’ sad is that? lol. I love kthxbi, but there are a lot of youngins on there and I got enough kids…So I still prefer ODB. *smile* I just can’t stand discussing sex with a preteen or early teenager. Just seems uh, rkellyish. But whateva. It’s cool that the ODB is getting so many new members. We got 6 yesterday and 1 today so far. It seems that folks are spreading the word. I haven’t added any new features to the board yet, but will after I get my house together. We’re redoing some things here that I will talk about later, or this will turn into a novel. After that I may get on the ball and do some redesigning here too. Maybe.

I did get outside for about an hour today. I sat with the kids and my mom. It was nice out, but Raphael didn’t like it. I think the sun was too bright for his eyes, so I took him in.

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