Yea, I’m Still Here.

6 Jun

I’m still here. Did anyone think I went into labor? HA! No such luck. 😦 All day today I had a knee or a foot or some damn body part stuck in my chest. If only you could see the body parts I do, you’d be amazed! Thank God he’s sleeping now, cause I don’t think he slept all day. There was constant moving.

My cousin called to tell me she has some of the stuff for the baby shower games. She’s really excited. She just bought a new house, so I think it’s a chance to get everyone over there too. We may have it outside because it will be like 80 degrees.

My 37 week check up is tomorrow. Again I am hoping that she says, I am dilated like 5cm. lol. If she says I’m the same, I just might cry. No, really, I might. Every step I take is a struggle and chasing after these kids is no fun! Plus I am soooo anxious to meet my baby. So send some labor vibes my way and pray that my cervix has changed at least a little bit.

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