And It Goes A Lil’ Sumthin’ Like This-Ah…

1 Apr

(fumbles for cellphone)

Ro: Hello?
Them: What you doing? Turn to channel 28.
Ro: Um. What?
Them: Turn to channel 28. Do you get that channel?
Ro: Um. I don’t know. I have different cable.
Them: Oh. Well see if you have it.
Ro: I’m working on an assignment and Shae is watching “NARNIA.”
Them: Narnia?
Ro: Yea. What’s on?
Them: Basketball.
Ro: . . .
Them: College. This girl looks like Shan is gonna look when she’s grown.
Ro: Uhhh.
Them: Well, if you get a chance to look. Name’s Candace. Candace Parker.
Ro: Uhhh.
Them: I guess you could look it up on the Internet.
Ro: K.
Them: Bye.
Ro: Bye.

(types CANDACE PARKER in Google bar)
(squints at pictures)
(clicks IMAGES to look at Google images)
(selects picture to enlarge)


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