What I Wrote About Shae 03/25/2002

25 Mar

Shaelyn Anne is my second born daughter. She was born May 8, 2000. 2 weeks before her actual due date. She came into the world quite tiny @ 5lbs 13oz. But a week later she was already up 2lbs. By the time she was a couple months old, she had moved up into the 95th percentile. She was so roly poly. She’s still a little chubby monkey now, but she is beginning to lose much of it. Shaelyn is a definite momma’s girl. Her favorite place to be is wherever mommy is. I accredit this to the fact that I nursed her so long. Sometimes she’s a bit clingy, but as she gets older she is less attached. Little Shaelyn is a little calm soul. Many people call her “mature.” They way she looks at you makes you think she knows much more than she’s letting on.

She is quite the rough and tough gal, but I think she has to be to survive the punishments of Shanon. They play well together, but they are siblings, so they have their disagreements. Shaelyn doesn’t cry much. If she falls, she may be a bit embarrassed & lie there for a minute, but she gets back up and keeps right on going. Shaelyn likes to test me a lot. Often getting into things she knows she shouldn’t, just to get a reaction from me.

I think that Shae will be my musician or dancer. She absolutely loves music (and for some reason she adore Gospel). Turn on some music and she will dance the night away. She is also into books. She’s able to sit for at least 30 minutes paging back in forth in one book. So, I’m not too sure about her future yet. Perhaps she will be a scholarly musician?

I found out on Christmas Eve that my little one loves dogs! My aunt has a little poodle and the poor dog was harassed by my daughter the entire night. She chased him all around the house. The dog really started getting pissed because Shae is quite rough, so I had to make her leave him alone. He began to growl and I know he’s not around small children too much. Maybe when she’s a little older we’ll get a dog since I love them too!

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