Goodbye 2001

31 Dec

Today is the last day of the year. 2001. Tomorrow at this time, most of you will be toasting, celebrating, maybe even getting your groove on! I will most likely stay home with my family. Since I’m preggos, alcohol is out. Not that I am a big drinker anyway. I won’t make any big resolutions, because I won’t keep them. Try to be this, or try to be that…and I just end up being me. The me I’ve been for 25 years. So maybe that will be my resolution this year. Be me. Ha! That should be fairly easy to uphold.

Today went by in a blur. It was just me and the girls most of the day. We watched Shrek for the first time. The got it for Christmas. It was a pretty funny movie. Of course, I think that any movies with Eddie Murphy as the sidekick are hilarious. I love Mulan too. I do have to add it was a bit disgusting at times and there was a bit of cursing, but I liked it. I think I’ll watch it again soon. We also have Spy Kids, but I’m not too anxious to see that. I didn’t really want to see it when it was at the movies. I’ll save that one for when we’re really bored.

Pregnancy Note: Today my baby’s scalp pattern has been determined.

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