9 Dec

Yep. That’s just how I feel. Nasty. I haven’t updated my pregnancy journal in about a month, so I’ll just whine over here. I still have morning sickness. I thought it was letting up. But I was oh, so wrong. All day long I feel…nasty. And to make things worse, I also have ptyalism. I have a spit cup everywhere I go. As soon as I spit, I have a mouthful again! It’s depressing. I have started my 12th week of pregnancy (11 weeks and 2 days). I am hoping that this will all end abruptly by the end of the first trimester which is week 14. I won’t be mad if it ends earlier though smile I am starting show and have already grown out of a few pairs of jeans and all of my cute (short) tops. ARGH! The only thing that will fit over my belly are huge Old Navy shirts or sweatshirts. *sigh* And this is only the beginning folks. I shall rename this my “bitching diary”. By the way…thanks to those that offered me hosting! smile I am still deciding what I should do.

I finally found my camera so I can take pictures of her broken arm. She will never believe she had one at 18 months. Oops…I forgot. She is now 19 months. I also want to get it on video, because this girl has not let that arm stop her from being the little devil she usually is. She started using the broken arm today, so it must be feeling better. I braided Shan’s hair today & was amazed at how long it’s getting. Pretty soon it will be time to pay someone else to do it. smile My friend Jay called me yesterday and said she has a new hobby of braiding, so I might get her over here to do Shan’s. I barely have energy to get out of the bed, it would be great not to have to comb hair for a week.

And let’s add to my pain, shall we. I had to reformat my hard drive today. It was a must. I couldn’t burn anything onto CD’s so I lost EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! Even programs I paid for but downloaded off the Internet, such as my tax proggie. I am so upset. I have absolutely nothing. Well, I do still have Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, WS_FTP and Dreamweaver (I bought them!). Other than that….notadamnthing. I downloaded something and didn’t even have a un-zip program to open it. My ‘puter has all the space it came with *sigh*. But tomorrow’s a new day, right? :p

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